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Calendar                 St Michael’s Church, Pleasley

Services and Events at St Michael’s Church 2017


          Monday       3rd 7:00 pm Team APM at Langwith Village Hall

          Weds           5th  12:00 Agape & Joint Lent Lunch at The Verney, Pleasley

          Thurs           6th  10:00 am  Congregational Meeting at 6, Holbrook Close

          Thurs         13th  7:00 pm  Maundy Thursday, Agape

          Friday        14th  10:00 am  Good Friday  Stations of the Cross

          Sunday      16th  Easter Day  9:15 a m   Holy Communion

          Sunday      30th  10:00 am Team Service at St Michael’s, Pleasley


          Saturday    13th  1:00 ‘til 4:00pm pm Summer Fayre at St Michael’s

          Sunday      14th  7:30 pm Apassionata: Harp & Flute Concert  

          Weds         24th 6:00 pm  Team Rogation Service starting at Pleasley. Ends at St Luke’s,                              Whaley Thorns for Faith Supper

         Thursday    25th  8:00 am Team Ascension Day Service at Holy Cross, Langwith

                                     7:00 pm  PCC Meeting (2) at St Michael’s


          Friday       9th  7:30 pm  Brass and Song Concert at Pleasley Welfare


          Saturday    1st   Well Dressing preparation starts and continues.................

..until Friday         7th  Final Flower and Well Preparation

          Saturday    8th  Flower Festival and Well Dressing starts

          Sunday      9th  3:00 pm  Well Dressing Blessing Service

..until Weds        12th  Church open for Flower Fest and Well Dressing 10 ‘til 6 daily

          Thurs        27th     7:00 pm  PCC Meeting (3) at St Michael’s

          Sunday     30th   10:00 am  Team Service at St Luke’s, Whaley Thorns


                            Date to be confirmed Parish/Team Meal


          Tuesday   12th   1:30 pm  Congregational Meeting at 6, Holbrook Close

          Thurs       21st    7:00 pm  PCC Meeting (4) at Michael’s

          Saturday  30th  7:00 pm  Parish Harvest Supper at the Verney


          Sunday      1st    9:15 am   Harvest Festival Eucharist

                                    3:00 pm  Michaelmas  Service  

          Sunday     29th  10:00am  Team Service at Holy Cross, Upper Langwith


          Monday      6th       2:00 p m  PCC Meeting (5) at 6, Holbrook Close (Note time & place)

          Sunday     12th    9:00 am  Said Eucharist

                                     10:00 am  Service of  Remembrance

                                     11:00 am  at Pleasley Welfare Memorial

                                    11:15 am  at New Houghton Memorial

         Monday     13th  10:00 am  Congregational Meeting at 17 N.B.M. Lane – forward planning                                       and dates for 2018 - Bring your diaries

         Weds         29th  

  and Thurs         30th    Christmas trees put in church either day 1:00 - 5:00 p m


          Friday          1st    7:30 pm Carol Concert with Pleasley Welfare Band to open Christmas                                 Tree Festival

          Saturday     2nd   Church open daily to view trees from12 to 3:00 pm until......

          Sunday       3rd    3:00 pm Christingle Service  

..until Tuesday      5th   end of Christmas Tree Festival

          Sunday      10th   9:15 am 9 Lessons and  Carols

          Sunday      17th    9:15 am Family Service with Sunday Club Nativity

          Sunday      24th   7:00 Carols in the Nag Garden

                                    11:30 pm Midnight Mass  

          Monday      25th  10:00 am  Short Service of Carols and Readings

          Sunday       31st  10:00 Team Service at Holy Trinity, Shirebrook



         Tuesday       9th    2:00 pm  PCC Meeting (6) at 6, Holbrook Close (Note time & place)

          Thursday    18th  10:00 am Congregational  meeting at 6, Holbrook Close